Friday, June 28, 2013

Today is the day... Barb's surgery

I know I often sound like a broken record but I respect, admire and love my Team with everything I have. I know - completely unethical.  Barb and I "interviewed" each other for months before I offered the position and she has never once disappointed me.  We are all still so upset about this dog attack and I am trustful that she will be in good hands today.  

My wish for today is for her fear to subside, for her to find comfort and peace and that the surgery is successful and she can take rest.  

When surgery is over and we are all clear - I will let you know.  Thank you so much for your care and concern.  Whatever you do/whomever you talk to - it is appreciated.  Please send positive vibes, cross fingers and paws and keep Barb in your thoughts.  

Much love Barb - from all of us...  

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